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About the Music Co-op

Our musical enrichment classes are offered K-12 on Wednesdays at various times. These classes follow the General Music Tennessee Academic Standards while exploring music history, culture, theory, skills, and performance. Our lead teacher Michaela McCarthy has a variety of educational experience ranging from preschool to high school as well as a Bachelors's degree in Music Education from Maryville College (with licensure). Each class is limited to 8 total students to allow focused instruction and to follow current guidelines (minimum of 4 students required for class to run).

Class Times

Every Wednesday

January 10th-May 5th


Offered hours: 8am - 12

Classes last an hour and thirty minutes


Class times will vary based on popularity


To register, click the registration button below and fill out the email draft by giving us your contact information, payment preference, the student's name, grade level, and preferred class time.


Our tuition cost helps pay for our classroom materials and processing fees. For this reason, we have two payment options available. You can pay $125 for the first three months ($375 total) or choose to pay full tuition the first month ($350).


We are always looking to grow our musical community. With this, we would like to offer a preschool class in the near future! If you are interested, please add your name to our waiting list.