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Andrew Kosky

Drums and Songwriting Teacher

Having moved from FL to VA to TN, Andrew Kosky is currently in his last year at Maryville College, pursuing a degree in Music Theory and Composition.

Andrew has been a drummer/percussionist in many Concert Bands, Jazz Bands, and Pit Bands for musical theatre productions, acting as a high school Drumline Captain for three years, and the proxy to the Band Director for a year and a half.  He has been a singer in numerous school and church choirs, a manager and judge for “Coffee House” performances, and a bass section leader and Chief of Staff in the Maryville College Concert Choir.


Andrew has also been creating music for 7 years. He has been a part of the compositional, recording, and production process of many projects among a vast array of artists and genres: from Alternative, and Punk, Metal and Rock, to acoustic and folk, Jazz, Symphonic and Choral, etc. He is well versed in the theory and creation of music as well as the participation in it, and is excited to share that with others.

Drum Lessons

Andrew offers one-on-one drums and songwriting lessons. Students who work with Andrew will not only attain a great sense of rhythm, but will also develop a strong understanding of music theory and a love for the creation of music.

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