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Robby Clemens

Co-owner and Piano Teacher

Born and raised in Maryville, TN, Robby Clemens is a local graduate of Maryville College with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Music with a piano focus. In addition to being a tenor section leader for three years in the Maryville College Concert Choir, he was also the President of the choir during his senior year, and he has experience tutoring music theory.

Robby has played the piano for 17 years. Furthermore, he is knowledgeable about the Taubman Technique, which is a piano technique designed to optimize healthy and efficient playing at the piano in order to properly facilitate the body and avoid long-term injuries such as tendonitis or dystonia. 

He is currently serving as the pianist for Middlesettlements United Methodist Church, and he is very passionate about finding the magic in music wherever possible.

Piano Lessons

Robby offers one-on-one piano lessons from beginner to advanced, dealing in all kinds of repertoire. Students who work with Robby are sure to improve in technicality and musicianship.

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