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Michaela Clemens

Co-owner, General Music Education Teacher
Piano & Voice Teacher

Originally from Trinity, FL, Michaela Clemens holds a bachelor's degree in Music Education from Maryville College with licensure. She has performed and directed Theatrical Musical productions, including having a leading role in "Sturdy as a Rock: Our Bicentennial Story" at Maryville College. She also had a leading role in an "Into the Woods" production. She was on the leadership team in the Maryville College Concert Choir as an alto section leader and was a Maryville College Choir Scholar at New Providence Presbyterian Church. She has great experience working with children of all ages including her time student teaching at Heritage Middle and High School. She loves working with students of all ages and seeing their creativity shine. 

Piano & Voice Lessons

Michaela offers one-on-one vocal lessons and helps each individual find confidence in their own voice, learn age appropriate vocal techniques, and maintain overall voice health. She also teaches beginning piano lessons to students of all ages.

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